Coda File System

2 coda question

From: Eric Warnke <>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 11:37:25 -0500
I have been following coda development and have 2 question that appear
to have gone unanswered in the list over the past year.

1) Batch / Non Interactive

How do batch / cron / servers / etc... processes interact with coda. 
The html files have a .rhosts file, does this mean that that 25hr token
can be avoided?  How do daemons ( say backup ) interact with the cache
if they do not have a token.  Ideally is there a way to just trust all
users from an IP address assuming the system keys match.

2) Codafs / Codacache

Is there any thoughts / ideas in the works to separate out the codafs
from the caching.  A user level cache could benefit most remote fs's. 
This would be the most logical, but with the amount of source code, it
may be impossible.

I'm hoping if the token thing can be avoided, to set up cache clients
base on RH5.X.  One OS-server could host any number ( disk space limited
) of clients whose main bottleneck would be how big there local cache

Thanks in advance

Eric Warnke
System Admin, ResNet
University at Albany, NY /
Received on 1998-11-16 11:44:29