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linux driver for wavelan-2 (ieee 802.11)

From: David Steere <>
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 11:10:00 -0800
Sorry for the spam, but I am trying to locate a driver for the new wavelan
cards, and you guys seem to be as closely related a group as I could think
of. (Already turned up nothing on the linux kernel mailing list).

Does anyone have or know of a driver for the new (as of July '98) wavelan
802.11 cards? These cards are different from the old-style wavelan cards,
and have a different API, so the old linux drivers will not work. On the
other hand, we have some people willing to write the drivers if we can get
specs on the API. If you know of someone at Lucent whose working on
wavelan, we'd appreciate it if you could point them at us or us at them.



(again, sorry for the spam).
Received on 1998-11-06 14:18:54