Coda File System

Re: linux/alpha

From: Mikolaj J. Habryn <>
Date: 29 Oct 1998 10:21:22 +0800
>>>>> "b" == braam  <> writes:

    b> The first task is to get 32bit types for the Volume/Vnode etc
    b> definitions into coda.h and compile kernel code and potemkin
    b> (under util).  

  Okay - is there a bit-level specification for the protocol? Or shall I
just assume that anything declared as an int/long is 32 bits, and
everything else 8? If the posix u_int32_t etc. are used then the code
will do the right thing across all the platforms (that have those
definitions, anyway, which probably means just linux).

    b> Potemkin on AXP would be a great step forward.  Then lwp and
    b> rpc2 need to be done - but those are easier.  BTW, the cutting
    b> and pasting from ARLA may give us copyright problems.

  Great :P

    b> If you start doing this keep me posted -- since you'll be
    b> making large amounts of little changes.

  Should I mail you directly, or the list?

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