Coda File System

Re: client died, now what?

From: <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 16:39:40 -0500
Hi Mike,

The `Could not create file: Is a directory' error tells me what's wrong.

This is a known problem with 4.6.6 and the result of an inode collision.
In disconnected mode there is some problem where a reference to a file,
created after creating a directory (1024 creates earlier), got the inode
of the directory instead of the file.

This was a result of a poor choice in hashing fids to inodes (in the 
disconnected case). We fixed it in our development tree, and it should be
present in development snapshot 4.7.2. It does depend on a change in both
the kernel and the venus code, so it requires the linux-coda-4.7.2 kernel
module as well.

However, we consider available development snapshots as very unstable. For
now, the only `stable' solution is to either do everything connected, or
have a very short reintegration interval. ('cfs wd -age 5 -time 5')

Received on 1998-10-28 16:46:35