Coda File System

v4.6.0 kernel 2.1.125, 4.6.6 client

From: Laszlo Vecsey <>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 20:31:24 -0400 (EDT)
I'm trying to connect to as a client with
venus, and running into the following messages:

20:27:00 GetRootVolume: can't get root volume name!
20:27:15 GetRootVolume: can't get root volume name!
coda_psdev_write: downcall, no SB!
coda_get_rootfid: error -4
coda_read_super: coda_get_rootfid failed with -4
coda_psdev_write: downcall, no SB!
coda_psdev_write: downcall, no SB!

(those were pasted from dmesg and /usr/coda/etc/console)

I checked the list archive and found that all those messages should be ok,
or expected, except for the coda_get_roofid failed which I didn't see
mentioned yet.

Are you guys able to connect to the test server? I see with cmon it was
rebooted recently, so I'm wondering where the problem might be.

Oh, I'm using a beta glibc if that means anything, could be a bug there.

- Les
Received on 1998-10-14 20:33:35