Coda File System

Re: Coda Distributed Filesystem release 4.6.6

From: <>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 18:01:25 -0400
Grex Troxel wrote:
> [from 4.6.5 experience, so this may be different in 4.6.6]
> More than likely, you have to type 'make
> coda', not 'make'.  The 'coda' target puts includes in place, but the
> default target does not (IMHO this is a bug in the build system).
>         Greg Troxel <>> 

Michael Stone wrote:
> That seems to have done it. Is this documented somewhere? The Makefile says: 
> #       install recursively build and install objects
> #       all     recursively build objects
> #       clean   recursively descend the tree and clean .a's, .o's, binaries,
> #       rcs     populate the tree with rcs links
> #       reconfigure
> #               do a ../configure again with all the same args
> Which is nowhere near accurate.

Correct, this `feature' is fixed in the development version (4.7.x). But
I have overlooked putting that patch back into 4.6.6. Btw. it is documented
in the file INSTALL.linux (

2.  Building coda (outside CMU):
       a) unpack the source; you need gcc, g++, flex, ncurses, gdbm, 
           readline etc, and have 80MB free to build from source.
        b) at the top level type ./configure
        c) at the top level type make coda
        d) at the top level type make client-install, or make server-install
        e) rebuild kernels if needed
        f) configure clients/servers and you should be up.

Ofcourse we tried to hide this information the best we could ;)

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