Coda File System

Coda Distributed Filesystem release 4.6.6

From: <>
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 22:10:54 -0400
This is to announce Coda 4.6.6.  

Coda is a distributed filesystem with novel features such as disconnected
operation and server replication.  For many details about Coda see 

Coda currently runs on FreeBSD(i386), Linux(i386,sparc) and NetBSD(i386).
Ports to Windows(95,NT) are in progress.

What happened since Coda 4.6.5 our previous "stable" release?

- For this 4.6.6 release, Coda works on current versions of both FreeBSD
  and NetBSD platforms.  There is direct kernel support as well as lkm's
  for kernel features.  The packages/port system can be used to obtain
  and/or build Coda.  Coda is in the package/port tree under: 
	net/coda_intro, net/coda_client, net/coda_server, net/coda_doc

- We've also taken a couple of the fixes for various small, but annoying,
  bugs from the development version.

- We fixed (and probably broke) some things in the various server setup
  scripts, but they are better than before.

As always, this version is MUCH better than 4.6.5, try it!!

It has been released in binary form for:
 Linux binary rpm's
 FreeBSD 3.0 (a.out & elf) packages!
 NetBSD current pre-compiled packages

It can be found at:[your platform]

Documention in cpio and rpm format:

For all other platforms and architectures:

		Use the source.

By the way, we keep snapshots of our ongoing development here
as well.  So if you want to build/run the latest Coda check out
the 4.7.x branch.

What's next?  

- The snapshots show you where we are going. Jan continues to fix
tricky bugs in Venus related to disconnected operation and reintegration.
The new directory code is still being improved.  We are also working
on clients for 95 and NT. 

- Integrating more of the patches we've been sent (Thanks guys!).


Have fun!

The Coda Group. 

Peter Braam,
Jan Harkes,
Bob Baron,
Received on 1998-10-09 22:12:37