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Re: Replication

From: Gareth Bult <>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:47:32 +0100
I don't know if this is correct, but the procedure I followed is;

1)    Install both servers with rpm's
2)    vice-setup servers (one scm, one non)
3)    start servers (make sure /coda works)
4)    createvol_rep coda:root E0000100 /vicepa
5)    stop servers
6)    venus-setup localhost 40000 (on scm)
7)    venus-setup scm 40000 (on other)
8)    edit /vice/db/servers on scm, add non scm server with unique number
9)    edit VSGDB and add new group, eg; "E0000101 scm other"
10)    start servers

If you then do;

createvol_rep coda:test E0000101 /vicepa

This should create the volume coda:test on both servers..
cfs mkm /coda/users/test coda:test

Mounts the volumes on both servers....

Ok, so my volumes don't replicate, but the rest seems to work Ok..
If anyone can tell me why ... ??

Adding a user summary:
add user to users.coda and passwd.coda and group.coda
(if like me yor UID is 500, change it!)
in /vice/db;
pwd2pdb -i user.coda -g group.coda > vice.pdb
pcfgen vice.pdb
au -h scm cp
user: admin
pass: changeme
user: <user>
pass: <pass>

su <user>
clog <user>



Please please please, can anyone tell me why my volumes don't replicate?


Image - Odinn Sorensen wrote:

> Hej Peter.
> Wed 23 Sep 1998 12:12, "Peter J. Braam" <> wrote:
>  PB> You need to define a volume storage group with the two servers in it.
>  PB> Then run createvol_rep with that volume storage group.
> Aha, I setup the SCM machine first and created volumes with createvol_rep.
> Then I setup the non-SCM machine, which I now can't get to replicate (or
> even start the server). How do I add servers to a VSG when the volume is
> already created?
> So, I want to setup an SCM machine, create all the replicatable volumes I
> need on it, and then be able to add any number of additional replicating
> servers. I need the step-by-step guide to adding the additional servers.
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