Coda File System


From: Image - Odinn Sorensen <>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 16:44:20 +0000
Hello all.

Using version 4.6.5.

I am trying to setup a couple of servers with Coda replication. One of them 
is the SCM. Coda client is running nicely on both. The root volume and a
test volume are created with createvol_rep per instructions in the manual
and as gleaned from this list.

I'm not sure that I have replication working yet, because when I "df", the
Used value for /vicepa on the non-SCM server is unchanged when I copy files 
into /coda or my /coda/testvolume. It doesn't matter which server I copy

How can I check that replication is actually occurring?

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