Coda File System

Re: Coda vs NFS benchmarks

From: Kragen <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 16:22:48 -0400 (EDT)
On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, David Steere wrote:
> For writes, NFS has a known liability because it has to do writes
> synchronously. If you were to use one of the hardware accelerators
> (basically staging to a ramdisk), NFS's write performance speeds up a lot.

A *battery-backed* ramdisk, one would hope.  (Kids, be careful about
trying this at home! :) )

My experience with NetApp FAServers is that, even with a big
battery-backed ramdisk, NFS writes are pretty slow compared to local
disks.  But that was a couple years ago, and we didn't do quantitative
measurements or find out why.  It's just that compiles were much faster
when on our local workstation disks.   Could have been network
congestion, NFS-server contention, etc.


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