Coda File System

4.6.5-1 rpm on RH 5.1...disconnected mode doesn't work

From: Michael D. Ivey <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 09:20:10 -0400
I'm having some trouble getting started with coda.  Both boxes are RH5.1
running 2.0.35.  I've installed the coda-debug-*-4.6.5-1 rpms, and set
up the server, etc.  Everything seems fine...but, if as a normal user I
do 'hoard list' I get:

    [ivey_at_mowgli ivey]$ hoard list
    coda_pioctl: Venus returns: 13 for (0x1000001 ,0x1       ,0x1       )
    coda_pioctl: upcall returns: 13
    pioctl:List(-1, /usr/coda/tmp/a00442, 500): No such file or directory

and other similar errors when doing other hoard commands.  So, I made
sure hoard was suid, like I read somewhere, and tried again...same
thing.  As root, hoard [list|clear] etc work.

I then made a hoard file for root (I also tried the hoard commands by hand,
same results) which loaded, and 'hoard list' showed all the files...but
'cfs disconnect' (or 'ifdown eth0') both let me see the files for about
3 minutes, and then they go away.  

What am I doing wrong?  

Also, can venus start in disconnected mode, or do I have to leave the laptop
on all weekend, while I'm hoarding?



Michael D. Ivey, RHCE  <>
Senior Technical Manager, REALM Information Technologies
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Received on 1998-09-10 09:19:50