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Re: Many Questions :-)

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 10:21:51 -0400 (EDT)
Hi Manuel,

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Manuel Guesdon wrote:

> Hello,
> Now that seems to work. I think that the previous error was because I had an error when creating
> data partition (in a file) of 130M. I run now with a 90M data partition and it's ok.
> I have 6 anothers questions:
> 1) Sometime, when I try: kclog manu, I get:
> 	<<Local login only, could not contact venus>>
> 	Why ? (Venus is runnin on the client and the scm).

Your venus must have crashed: see /usr/coda/etc/console and

> 2) If I do a "cfs mkmount /coda/pc/shiva pc.shiva" on the pc.shiva
> server, on a client I can't see anything in /coda (with ls -l) but I
> can open a file in /coda/pc/shiva/. Is it normal ?

You can ONLY see /coda files on clients. Servers do NOT server /coda, but
server "invisible" stuff - hmm. 

Have you created a volume pc.shiva? Are your updatesrv and updateclnt with
portmapper running? 

> 3) How kclog works ?
> 	When I run kclog manu (with or without a kinit manu before), kclog ask me for the password and it
> doens't seems to contact kerberos host (kauth2 is launched, no auth2).

clog -kerberos4 
clog -kerberos5

should do the trick

Did you run kauth2 -r{ealm} your.realm?

> 4) Files on server are located in /vicepa, right ? But where are
> stored the names,... of the files ?

In RVM Data. 

> 	Is it possible to use coda to see an entire machine (i.e. see
> the / of the server) as I can do with NFS.


> 	Related question: is it possible to replace /vicepa by an
> existing directory ?

Yes, but it will be used with the number/tree scheme as is /vicepa

> 		i.e.: clients can see /home/user1 files under
> /coda/user1 for exemple.

That's not possible and probably won't be for a long time.

> 5) Can we really use Code (v 4.6.5) with coda-fs-module-k2.0.34_c4.6.0
> module in a production environnement ?
> 	i.e. Is it (very) stable or is it know to crash and lose datas ?

You have to be very careful.  Coda is a research system with many bugs.
My email is in Coda we do lots of work in Coda but we also fix a lot of

> 6) What are the differences between coda-fs for kernel 2.0.x and kernel 2.1.x ?

2.1 is a complete re-write and despite one or two lingering bugs it is far
superior.  It really exploits the dcache and is careful about ACLs.

- Peter -

> Thank you very much for your help. Coda seems to be a very good solution for sharing files.
> Manuel
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