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Re: Coda on Linux-PPC (builds and starts, but can't find server)

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 11:21:52 -0400 (EDT)
Clement, Troy,

The RVM internals document _is_ in the Coda documentation.  It is a
chapter in the RVM manual which is online and in the doc package as part
of the RVM manual - unless Clement wrote something else I don't know

- Peter -

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, LEE, Yui-wah wrote:

> Troy Benjegerdes <> wrote:
> > 
> > I'd like be able to run some of the RVM and RPC2 test suites, but I can't
> > seem to figure them out. Is there some documentation for these? I'd be
> > easier to debug the testsuite that the entire coda server, since there
> > appear to be some problems with rvm.
> Yes, there are.  For RVM, there is a program call rvm_basher.  You can
> find the source codes in rvm-src/tests, and there are (minimal)
> instruction on how to use rvm_basher in the appendix of rvm manual (the
> sections is called testing RVM).  Note however that the instruction is
> kind of out of date.  In particular, instead of choosing the "starting
> address of rvm" from the info of show_break (as suggested by the manual),
> you should make an educated guess on the right starting address of rvm --
> it should be high in VM but not conflict with other uses of VM (such as
> shared library).
> While I was visiting CMU last year, I drafted a "RVM Internal" document.
> It is not in the coda-doc package yet, however.  But I should still be
> able to grab the source or ps file from my CMU account.  Let me know if
> you want a copy.
> Good luck !
> Yui-wah LEE (Clement)
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