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Re: Coda for Linux PPC

From: anthonyj <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 98 10:37:12 -0400
Just for clarity,

I am currently working on an MkLinux box (actually two), which uses the 
osfmach microkernel, and a linux server. Getting Coda to run on these 
machines will be more of a challange than LinuxPPC, which uses a straight 
ahead Linux kernel (with source more readily available/stable), and is 
not in quite the same state of flux that MkLinux is in (or Coda for that 
matter!). Additionally, I personally am much more familiar with the Linux 
kernel, and am just really learning about the microkernel 'architecture'.

I decided to try to get Coda running on Mklinux first because it was more 
of a challenge, and I think getting it up and running on LinuxPPC will be 
much easier with the lessons learned from Mk behind me(us).

Thanks for the help,


>Hi Timothy,
>Anthony is also working on the PPC port and I think he has made pretty
>good progress.  The major two obstacles I see are 
>1. 5 lines of assembly code in lib-src/mlwp
>2. some tuning of mmap parameters.
>I don't think that compiling the kernel code should give you any problems
>at all.
>If the two of you team up this could be working pretty soon.  We don't
>have any Linux MK boxes, but of course we can probably help by looking at
>your problems remotely. 
>- Peter -
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