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Re: LWPs in Coda and native platform threads

From: Jim Doyle <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 21:19:27 -0400 (EDT)
> This would be quite a bit of work, but the results would be quite good --
> especially if in the future there are ports to Java, etc, where threads
> are more common-place than present-day UNIX.

Funny. I see Pthreads as being "already everywhere". These are the
platforms that I know of that come with Pthreads, including thread-safe

	Solaris 2.5 and beyond
	AIX 4.1 and beyond
	HP-UX 10
	Digital Unix
	Linux (at least Redhat since 5.0, and Suse, Caldera, Etc)
	FreeBSD 3.0
	IRIX 6.x

The laggards include:

	SCO UnixWare, Sequent's Dynix, Windows NT, etc

Java has even greater problems with threads... JDK ships with a 
user-space threads package called "Green Threads".  Folks who use
"Green Threads" and then attempt to code Java Native Method extensions
that use other thread packages (i.e. Pthreads) are often in for 
big surprises.

Only recently have JDK people gone and ported to Native platform
threads.  The first was Sun (to Solaris pthreads), second was
OSF, who has ported JDK to use Linux Pthreads instead of "Green Threads"

-- Jim

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