Coda File System

LWPs in Coda and native platform threads

From: Jim Doyle <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 13:42:24 -0400 (EDT)
Whats the scoop with LWP's in Coda ?

I thought I'd check in with this project. I havent been
able to do or contribute anything because I've been busy with
another open-source project (DCE). 

I was wondering if you have any plans on phasing out LWP's and
exploiting native platform threads. Several other packages out
there have successfully done this: MySQL, LDAP, X11.

I was working with another user-space threads library a few 
months ago (CMA Threads, part of DCE threads). The presence of
native threads on FreeBSD 3.0 has motivated the abandonment of
the porting and testing of DCE threads for FreeBSD/DCE - we
are going to use the native platform library.  We already leverage
LinuxThreads on Linux now, and things work great.

Finally, the OSF has contributed changes to GLIBC and GDB on Linux
to provide a fully thread-aware debugger for Linux. This is a great
win for the Linux community, who until recently had a powerful
threads implementation but not a good MT debugger.

What are the major feats of moving away from LWP's and to native
threads?  Ultimately, a proprietary user-space threads package 
is a liability IMHO - as we learned with DCE threads on FreeBSD.

At some point in the future, I'd like to contribute something to the
Coda project. Likely, I'd do something easy like provide an option
for people with DCE cells to plug Coda into the security and naming
framework to leverage the existing security and intercell structure.
In addition, I'd interested in helping imbue Coda with some of the
inter-cellular aspects that DFS and AFS provide.

At present the DCE project is going well, we have a kit that builds
on RH Linux, allows you to host DCE cells of Linux as well as plug
existing Linux hosts into an existing vendor DCE cell. Current work
for the summer includes adding a DCE PAM module, NSS services integration,
and clean support tools for the DFS/NFS Authenticating Gateway.

-- Jim

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