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Re: RPC2 Problems

From: Magosanyi Arpad <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 14:43:19 +0100
A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy Ullrich Martini a következőeket írta:
> Hello,
> On a Debian Linux 2.0, Kernel 2.1.109 with coda modules
> from this kernel, and coda-4.6.1 (sources compiled with 
> gcc egcs 2.90.29, not the rpms) I get the following 
I have the same setup, but (just trying to compile) kernel 2.1.110 :)
I included a line:
include $(TOPOBJ)/CFLAGS
into the toplevel Makeconf, and created a CFLAGS file there, which I will send attached. And also made a symlink in the linux kernel include, and
added an -f option to a ln -s somewhere in a Makefile, and used ncurses libs in place of termcap...
I have also made debian package from it and the documentation. It is not 
release quality yet, but if someone wants to play with it...

The server seems to be running, but I yet to finish compiling a kernel to try out the client...

> Trouble getting new list for server atbroy21 
> cat: *.list: No such file or directory 
I received this due to name lookup problems (my hosts short name wasn't in 
/etc/hosts, and the dns lookup was hosed.) I guess you might have another
problem, as mine was due to the previous use of the offending machine
(it was one of my test firewalls, and had a crippled down and highly nonusual 

> When compiling, I had to copy lots of header files into the include dir.
> I noticed that there are some files with identical names in diferent
> subdirectories. Mabe I copied some wrong files.
> Any hints? Should I try the rpms? Or fully qulified hostname? IP Numbers?
> (But DNS is working perfectly at our site.)
> this is the coda grep from /etc/services:  
> coda_opcons 	1355/udp 	# Coda opcons (Coda fs)  
> coda_venus 	1363/udp 	# Coda venus (Coda fs)  
> coda_auth 	1357/udp 	# Coda auth (Coda fs) 
> coda_udpsrv 	1359/udp 	# Coda udpsrv (Coda fs) 
> coda_filesrv 	1361/udp 	# Coda filesrv (Coda fs) 
> codacon 	1423/tcp venus.cmu # Coda Console (Coda fs) 
> coda_aux1 	1431/tcp 	# coda auxiliary service (Coda fs) 
> coda_aux1 	1431/udp 	# coda auxiliary service (Coda fs) 
> coda_aux2 	1433/tcp 	# coda auxiliary service (Coda fs)  
> coda_aux2 	1433/udp 	# coda auxiliary service (Coda fs) 
> coda_aux3 	1435/tcp  	# coda auxiliary service (Coda fs) 
> coda_aux3 	1435/udp  	# coda auxiliary service (Coda fs) 
> Thanks in Advance,
> Ullrich

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