Coda File System

Newbie questions

From: Hein Roehrig <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 19:06:14 +0200
Hi all,

today I tried to set up Coda; I came across the following

- What is the procedure to set up a new coda user, once the server is
  up and running? My impression is that I have to edit user.coda,
  group.coda, compile and mvdb and then call au. Is there an easier
  way to accomplish this?

- Are there examples of/recommendations for a production setup
  regarding groups, volume policy etc?

- It don't see how I can mount (volumes from) the testserver once I
  have my own server (and SCM) up and running. Are there AFS-like
  cells to achieve this?

- Is there a host-based mechanism for denying access to a server?

- Is it possible to install Coda to /opt/coda (readonly) and /var/coda
  without touching /usr ?

- The "au" command conflicts with the Network Audio System server...

- What does this mean:
roehrig_at_ich:scripts% clog                                           (130) 18:09
SocketListener: "../../../coda-4.6.1/coda-src/rpc2/sl.c", line 421:    DecodePacket(RPC2_BUSY): bad bind seqno

- Last but not least: Local performance is abysmal in my test
  installation where everything lives in files, with a 2 M log file
  and 22 M data file. This is probably because lots of debugging
  information is generated. What settings need to be changed for a
  production system?

Thanks for any hints,
Received on 1998-07-12 13:22:06