Coda File System

Re: inode aliases

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 09:27:28 -0400 (EDT)
Yes it is Coda and it is bad: this is one of the remaining kernel bugs
that we are trying to track down.  These alias messages lead to wild
pointers, since dentry's continue to exist, but the inodes they point to
are being freed. 

If anyone can easily produce alias messages, I'd love to know how to nail
the bug!

- Peter -

On Mon, 6 Jul 1998 wrote:

> My log file is filling up with 
> Jul 6 21:05:13 trill kernel: iput: device 00:01 inode 17825794 still
> has aliases!
> What does that mean? I have a feeling it has something to do with coda
> as I have never seen it before today.
> -ben
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