Coda File System

Re: Various problems and comments

From: Ben Woodard <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 14:16:44 -0600
> Ben,
> Thanks for your interest and also for your detailed reports.  I'll try to
> answer a few of your points -- and then hand over to another member of the
> group.
> (Jan: could you follow up with Ben on the repair problem and maybe try to
> reproduce it here for us? )
> On Sun, 5 Jul 1998 wrote:
> > Excuse me if you get two emails, I might have sent an email to the
> > wrong place before.
> > 
> > I think that there is something wrong with the ioctl interface to
> > venus. There are a couple things that I just can't seem to get
> > working:
> > 
> > 1) first of all I can't seem to set acl's. When I run "cfs sa" I get
> > "Connection timed out" instantly back.
> > 
> > [bwoodard_at_trill repair]$ cfs sa /coda System:AnyUser  rl
> > /coda: Connection timed out
> > 
> I think your server is down, or unreachable.  Try cfs checkservers.
> However, I have noticed some strange things myself with disconnected ACLs
> and I will ask Jan to look into it.

Nope I don't think that is it:

[bwoodard_at_trill vtools]$ cfs checkservers
Contacting servers .....
All servers up
[bwoodard_at_trill vtools]$ cfs sa /coda System:AnyUser  rl
/coda: Connection timed out

> > 2) I can't seem to repair anything:
> > 
> First of all the quick fix: restart venus with -init. This will wipe out
> the local object and your problem is gone. However, it might be good to
> see why this isn't working -- I'll ask Jan to follow up with you on this. 

I will hold off on the quick fix for a little while so that you have
some hope of getting some dignostic information from this. The problem
is that I am out of CML entries so if I try to do anything but read a
file in my /coda tree I get something like:

Assertion failed: file
"/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/coda-4.6.1/coda-src/venus/", line 603

So Jan please be quick about getting back to me if you want some
debugging information. 

I don't know if it will help but here is how I got myself into this
state: I was at home moving my home dir from my laptop to the vice
server. I have a 128Kb ISDN at home so coda occationally thought it
had strong connection but most of the time it thought it had a weak
connection. So anyway I was moving over my mail dir 28Mb literally
thousands of files and I let the cpio -p go a bit too long before I
paused it to let /coda reintegrate. Well venus crashed with that error
listed above (I have learned that means that it runs out of CML
entries). When I restarted it, it had that inconsistancy. I couldn't
fix it and so I moved my mail dir to another spot and tried
again. That is when I ran out of CML entries really quickly. The thing
is it doesn't seem to want to reintegrate at all if there is any
conflict. When I restarted, I still had the full CML entries from the
dir that doesn't have any conflicts and I have the dir that needs

> Codacon has different and often more useful information than Console which
> is onl printing stderr.  We often watch both by doing tail -f
> /usr/coda/etc/console & codacon
> I'm confused that you have to give the localhost ip, since Venus binds to
> the socket at INADDR_ANY.   Are you changing IP address _while_ venus is
> running perhaps?   I think we would love that to work but i don't think
> that it does.

I change IP addrs several times a day. (Work, home (isdn), ricochet
(wireless) ). The way that I figured out the problem was I did a
strace and saw that it was trying to connect to my work
IP addr and so I guessed that I could just supply a local hostname and
well --- it worked.

A new documentation item that I discovered is that "cfs checkpointml"
doesn't state that you need to put a dirname after it in either the
manual or the man page. It took me a long time to figure out that you
had to do something like "cfs checkpointml /coda" 

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