Coda File System

4.6.0 trials and tribulations

From: Ben Woodard <>
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 14:28:41 -0600
I have been lurking on this list pretty much since its inception but I
haven't tried coda until a few days ago. I spent two days working
through the problems I had with the documentation and getting a coda
server working. I have to admit it was quite a learning process. 

If you are interested, I took quite a few notes along the way and
would be willing to update your release notes so that they are more

Anyway, now I am having some trouble with venus. The first time that I
got coda working, I decided to copy some stuff over to my vice server
and so I kicked off a couple of "find . | cpio -p /coda/usr/local/..."
This seemed to hang venus after a couple minutes. I tried some of the
cfs commands and they just hung. Eventually, I tried to restart
venus. Normal kills didn't work and so eventually I had to kill -9
it. After that I couldn't get it to run again. It couldn't seem to
open /dev/cfs0 it said the resource was busy and so I figured that my
only way out of this one was reboot. It worked and the server
reintegrated with the coda server. However many of the files hadn't
been copied yet and so I figured that the problem was that coda had
hung in the middle. I kicked off one of the "cpio -p"'s and that
seemed to work. Venus reintegrated and all was well. So I kicked off
the second "cpio -" and then venus hung again. Same thing, I had to
reboot to free up /dev/cfs0 but when it came back, I found that coda
was still hanging and the log which was really long ended with this.

       Store : sid = (44ab36cd.899501979), time = 899497741, uid = 1001 tid = -1 bytes = 228
                pred = (0, 0), succ = (0, 0)
                to_be_repaired = 0
                repair_mutation = 0
                frozen = 0, cancel = 0, failed = 0, committed = 0
                fid = (7f000002.fffffffe.359d3a6a), length = 4224
                vv = [ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ] [ 0 0 ] [ 0 ]
                rhandle[0] = (0,0,0)
                rhandle[1] = (0,0,0)
                rhandle[2] = (0,0,0)
                rhandle[3] = (0,0,0)
                rhandle[4] = (0,0,0)
                rhandle[5] = (0,0,0)
                rhandle[6] = (0,0,0)
                rhandle[7] = (0,0,0)
[ X(00) : 0000 : 13:47:37 ] *****  FATAL SIGNAL (11) *****        

So I guess that means it is segv'ing. The process is still around but
it is not doing anything.

Received on 1998-07-03 16:33:30