Coda File System

Re: 4.6.0 == No Go

From: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 13:28:50 -0300
> Hi Jan!
> > - What is the rvm data file size you tried to create.
> I took one of the choices offered by vice-setup; 90M.
> > - How much physical memory does your system have.
> The libc-5.4.44 box has 64M of physical memory.
> The glibc box has 32M of physical memory.
> > - How much swap memory.
> The libc5 box has 20M of swap.
> The glibc box has 60M of swap.

An in-memory copy is made of the RVM data file. So you initially might like
to try a smaller rvm size (44M for the libc5 box, 22M for the glibc box).

> > - Is the rvm data stored in a file or on a separate partition.
> A separate partition in both cases.  This is also true for the log.

How did you specify the partitions? Even when the disk only has one partition,
it is not possible to use /dev/hdb, the specific partition (/dev/hdb1) should 
be used.
> I'll be glad to try anything reasonable in an effort to mitigate this.
> Steve

It's probably best to try a smaller rvm size first. It is most likely the 
cause, since you have only barely over 90megs of memory to work with.

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