Coda File System

Re: 4.6.0 == No Go

From: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 12:24:31 -0300
> All,
> I am experiencing problems with the coda 4.6.0 distribution.  I've
> installed it on two systems, running linux 2.1.106 and 2.1.108p1
> respectively.  The 2.1.106 box is an otherwise-standard RedHat 5.1
> installation (glibc) and I used the binary rpm from your ftp site.
> The 2.1.108p1 box runs an older distribution (libc-5.4.44) with the
> Coda binaries built from source.
> On both machines, rvm setup fails with:
> Rdsinit will initialize data and log.
> This takes a while.
> rvm_initialize succeeded.
> Going to initialize data file to zero, could take awhile.
> done.
> ?  ERROR: rds_zap_heap RVM_EINTERNAL.
> Error in rdsinit. Exiting.

RVM_EINTERNAL is returned when the allocation of virtual memory fails. This is 
used to store the in memory copy of the rvm. The result is that your rvm data 
file can not be initialized correctly.

Why it fails, I'm not sure. I'll give a list of questions at the end of this 

> Error rvm_load_segment returns 201
> 00:19:15 rds_load_heap error RVM_EINTERNAL
> This appears in the SrvErr log:
> Assertion failed: file
> "/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/coda-4.6.0/coda-src/vice/", line 1805

As the rvm is not initialized, it cannot be loaded correctly, (or more likely 
as 201 == RVM_EINTERNAL the mmap fails again.

> Please let me know if more information is needed. 
> Steve

- What is the rvm data file size you tried to create.
- How much physical memory does your system have.
- How much swap memory.
- Is the rvm data stored in a file or on a separate partition.
- What is the architecture of your machine (x86 or sparc?).

Jan Harkes
Received on 1998-07-01 12:34:01