Coda File System

Re: Redhat 5.1 coda server.

From: Bradley Marshall <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 09:12:36 +1000

> I know this is a terrible bug but to get your server off the ground you
> need to do:
> gdb /usr/sbin/srv
> run -rvm /var/log/rvm.log /var/log/ 20480000
> You will see Fileserver started in your SrvLog (/vice/srv). Then type
> volutil shutdown
> Quit gdb.
> From here on, startserver will work. We don't know the cause of this
> problem but are working on it.

That did it!  Great, thanks heaps!  Now to get the client running. :)

Now I'm curious, why do you need to run gdb the first time?  Does it
send some signal to the process?

Bradley Marshall
Plugged In Software
Received on 1998-06-14 19:13:39