Coda File System

Re: Redhat 5.1 coda server.

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:03:32 -0400 (EDT)

Clement is right with his warning: there is a bug in 4.3.0 that we just
fixed last week which causes problems surrounding restarting of clients
and servers. (We are about to come out with 4.6.0 which has the fix).
(Rebooting has never been necessary here. ) 
However, in your case, I think it is something else.  More or less the
only thing that RPC2_Init does is to create a socket and bind to port

You should NOT have a client running the before you have a server that is
working.  Is your networking up? Is there a message in /vice/srv/SrvErr? 

You can debug this by typing "startserver -d 10 (or even higher like
1000,100000 for very verbose debugging)&" and trying again.

Now this in not the only bad news.  You may to start the fileserver under
gdb (just for once), since sometimes, on some types of machines, the very
first time it is fired up it gets into an infinite loop.  What you would
do is:

gdb /usr/sbin/srv

(gdb) run "the contents of /vice/srv.conf goes here"

Of course we will try to track this bug down too, because it is pretty

If all goes well you would see a message "File Server Started" in the
SrvLog file.   Then you must make your root volume (that is mounted
automatically on /coda by the client) and you can fire up a client. 

If you have more problems, let me know, then I'll help you.

- Peter -

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, Bradley Marshall wrote:

> Hey all,
> After having found out that I can't use the test coda server from behind
> ip masq (is there plans for this to happen?), I thought I'd try setting
> up a server.  So I've installed all the appropriate rpms
> (coda-debug-backup-glibc-4.4.3-1, coda-doc-4.4.0-6,
> coda-debug-server-glibc-4.4.3-1), followed INSTALL.linux and ran
> vice-setup, and answered all the questions appropriately (I hope) - I'll
> post a summary of what I answered, if it'll help.
> After rebooting, for the server to start, I see a /vice/srv/CRASH, and
> in /vice/srv/SrvErr:
> could not open key 2 file: No such file or directory
> Assertion failed: file "../../../coda-4.4.3/coda-src/vice/", line
> 484
> Thu Jun 11 17:27:07 EST 1998: srv not started.
> Now, line 484 of that file says:
> assert(RPC2_Init(RPC2_VERSION, 0, portallist, 1, retrycnt, &to) ==
> Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or pointers to what I should be doing? 
> I'm really looking forward to getting this working - coda looks like a
> really nice filesystem.
> Thanks,
> Brad
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> Bradley Marshall
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