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Re: coda-4.6.0-pre2.tgz available

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 11:15:47 -0400 (EDT)
On Fri, 15 May 1998, J.A. Harkes wrote:

> "Peter J. Braam" wrote:
> > I have just uploaded coda-4.6.0-pre2.tgz.
> Downloading...
> Untarring...
> ./configure
> make coda
> Compiling.........
> configs/Makeconf.linux
>   Debian doesn't have/need -ltermcap.
>   LIBTERMCAP= #-ltermcap 
>   I don't know if this can be solved in a generic way.

Configure can sort this out, I'll have to delve into that once more.... 

I'll take care of this one for you... 

> coda-src/libal
>   lot's of undefined references to yydebug.
>   yydebug only exists when YYDEBUG != 0 (bison?).
>   adding `int yydebug;' works for me. But it is better (and portable to
>   yacc) when all references to yydebug are conditonally compiled with
>   #if YYDEBUG != 0 / #endif, but it isn't pretty. (YYDEBUG needs to be
>   defined in the parsepdb.h file etc.)

Whenever you have fixed it in the past, this breaks here.  I'm not your
boss (yet) but would you mind coming up with a generic solution; an #ifdef
YYDEBUG sounds fine ... But don't break our stuff!!! 

> coda-src/vtools
>   Hardcoded -ltermcap in the Makefile replaced it with $(LIBTERMCAP).

Good. Will put it in.... 

> coda-src/asr
>   linking C++ object files with C linker, -> lots of undefined
>   references to exception handling variables etc.
>   Changed the link-rule to use $(CXX) instead of $(CC).

Good will put it in .... 

> For the rest compilation went without errors. The only things left to do
> are testing if it actually works and packaging. But I'll leave that for
> the weekend.
> Congratulations,
>  Jan
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