Coda File System

Re: CODA & INode Nos under Linux

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 11:45:57 -0400 (EDT)
Great!  Do I understand that you would deliver mail into Coda volumes on
one client and let other clients access the mail from their desktop Coda

You may want to tell me in detail, since there might be gotchas, which I'd
love to fix for you. For example how is qmail to be authenticated to
deliver into user files?   Also Coda ACLs are per directory, not per file,
how are you protecting your mailboxes?

Use 2.1.96 kernels an onwards.  Coda on 2.0.32 is not mature enough but on
2.1 it should work.  The inode number problems are largely gone -- I
haven't seen a problem for a long time.

I think the FreeBSD port if pretty young and we are stil ironing out some
issues.  Try Linux.

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Geoff Marshall wrote:

> Hi
> In the CODA Kernel Readme you wrote
> >There is also confusion over inode numbers, which Coda is not always
> >careful enough with.  On BSD systems this doesn't matter much, but
> >with the dcache it's vital to get them right.

I think the kernel code is reasonably precise now and I wouldn't expect
too many problems.

> I'm considering installing Dan Bernstein's qmail over CODA and Linux.
> QMail is apparently very dependant on inode numbers. 
> 1) Could you give me some further explanations of your statement above?  
> 2)   Do you know of anyone running qmail over CODA?
> 3)   Would FreeBSD be a better choice than Linux for this combination? If yes why?
> Geoff Marshall


> PS If CODA is bug-free or v close it should automatically on every Linux
> and FreeBSD distribution! 

We are not quite there yet. Of course that would be great.
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