Coda File System

linux compiling II

From: Andreas Jellinghaus <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 12:49:26 +0100
ok, new notes:
a) configs/Makeconf.linux : removed "-I/usr/include", removed -ltermcap
b) coda-src/libal/ : removed #if clause around "int yydebug"
c) coda-src/vol/ : added "#include <asm/types.h>".
	the bug is in linux/ext2_fs.h, which uses __u32 without
	includeing asm/types.h
	reported to linux-kernel, but no answer yet (my news host is down).
d) coda-src/vtools/Makefile: remove -ltermcap
e) touch coda-src/asr/parser (can someone give me a hint, how to link it ?
	__eh_pc and many other tokens of this format are not defined).

ok, compiling is fine so far. will test this evening.

Received on 1998-03-23 06:53:07