Coda File System

Re: metadata, logs and files

From: Love <>
Date: 10 Feb 1998 23:47:26 +0100
"Peter J. Braam" <> writes:

> You are confused about Coda vnodes (inodes) versus the file data:  A Coda
> vnode (Linux uses the term inode) has the Fid in it, owner, mtime, version
> vector (for rep servers etc etc).  A traditional Unix vnode/inode has
> lists of blocks for the file data in it.  Coda stores only a reference to
> a partition and a file reference "number" - no blocks.  The number is the
> reference number for the partition layer in Coda to find the file data. 

(I'm assuming that you mean the Coda server when you write Coda,
but then, what is the name of the userland client ?)

What I was really intressed to know is how you from a fid get to
file on the disk ie:

fid (1,2,3) 
   --> Inode-foo (InodeParams = (part = 1, volume = 1, file = 2) ...) 
   --> /vicepa/1/1 

Is this right ? And where do you map the acl (which is at directory level ?)
for the file.

> I hope this clarifies things. 

Yes. A bit, Thank you.

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