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Re: coda 4.3.13 on RHL 5.0 + egcs 1.0.1

From: Jim Doyle <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 20:17:12 -0500 (EST)
> The first suspect is the stacksize of that thread in which you crash. I'd
> do something like:
> p *lwp_cpptr
> > #0  0x4011518c in __libc_internal_tsd_get () at specific.c:157
> > #1  0x400aa5b4 in malloc () at malloc.c:2349

You guys are doing user-space threads on Linux ??  I had a quick look at
the LWP library in Coda.

Have you considered using the native Pthreads support in Redhat 5.0 ??
I dont think this would be hard, just map LWPs onto Pthreads.

I've been having great luck with Pthreads... I have DCE RPC working on
RH Linux 5.0 (Intel and Alpha platform). DCE RPC uses a bunch of threads
underneath - for packet-retransmission timers, thread dispatch per RPC,

GNU Libc uses Pthreads internally... Thats whats going on at the last
activation record in the gdb dump. I'm wondering if somehow the user-space
threads library is messing with the internal pthreads stuff in Glibc?

I wish I had time to contribute to Coda - its truly an awesome and
worthy project.. But my time is already maxxed on other committments,
mostly DCE for Linux. I like to follow whats going on here though.

-- Jim

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