Coda File System

Re: ACLs, PAGs and PACs

From: Love Hörnquist-Åstrand <>
Date: 10 Dec 1997 21:53:01 +0100
> > s/NFS/NFS,RPC/ Yes, i do agree with you, the problem is that today these things
> > does not exists, so do you really now what you need ? I dont want to buy a 
> > foo.bar_at_FOO.BAR credentials for each service i and to use and push them into the
> > kernel, at the same time i dont want Kerberos/whatever in the kernel. I just want
> > to give it my krbtgt and be happy.
> The problem exists already in the Linux kernel. smbfs (and probably ncpfs too)
> have it. smbfs currently uses the 'specify user at mount time' hack, but that's
> only a bad hack IMHO and not suitable for multiusre machines. I'm sure
> the smbfs developers are interested in solving this problem too (I cc'd
> Bill Hawes)

That my be true, but what thought of was a credentails cache/holder, like for 
Kerberos ticken/afs tokens/DCE foo. That was what I was thoughful about.
I too would like to have such a thingy (credentails cache/holder).

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