Coda File System

Re: ACLs, PAGs and PACs

From: Love Hörnquist-Åstrand <>
Date: 10 Dec 1997 20:53:43 +0100
Jim Doyle <> writes:

> It was mentioned that RPC2 is already instrumented to use multiple
> authentication protocols - Kerberos V4 being one that is apparently
> already implemented.

>From what I understand there is no "strong" cryptografy in the code right now,
due to ITAR. Some day when I feel like I have nothing to do, that problem maybe
get fixed. Don't hold you.....

> It is not unlikely to have AFS, DFS, Coda, Kerberized NFS and Windows SMBFS 
> all running on the same box, each with different authentication credentials 
> stored in kernel for each user, for each filesystem technology. So, eventually,
> this will need to be solved.

s/NFS/NFS,RPC/ Yes, i do agree with you, the problem is that today these things
does not exists, so do you really now what you need ? I dont want to buy a 
foo.bar_at_FOO.BAR credentials for each service i and to use and push them into the
kernel, at the same time i dont want Kerberos/whatever in the kernel. I just want
to give it my krbtgt and be happy.

Are you ready do nail down the interface today (and get shot tomorrow) ?

Received on 1997-12-10 15:13:47