Coda File System

when /rvm fills up /, bad things happen

From: Bradley C. Kuszmaul <bradley_at_GRANITE.SYSTEMSX.CS.YALE.EDU>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 13:15:26 -0400
I thought I would drop you a note about a problem I had with coda:

I allowed / to fill up, and /rvm is on /, which caused my system to
get very unhappy.  The error messages were cryptic, and nothing in the
log seemed to help me see what was going on (it is tough to write to a
log when the log device is full though....)  Venus got so confused
that one client had to be rebooted.

By the way, CVS seems to work fine for the sandboxes if I keep the
repository off coda.  (I had some trouble because my / filesystem
filled up, and I thought CVS was the problem, but now I suspect it was
the full filesystem problem.)

Received on 1997-10-21 13:21:32