Coda File System

Re: is it implemented?

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 08:47:57 -0400 (EDT)
For what it is worth let me tell you what I know.

We _do_ have @SYS support, but the usage is subtly different from what I
see below. 

If you have a 3 directories (or mount points):


then cd @sys will bring you to the right directory, based on your

We have however found a need to extend this mechanism.  For example it
could be very handy to have a name: @user which would expand to $HOME, or
a programmable one @MACHINE which would refer to a directory called
"desktop" on desktop workstations and to a directory called "notebook" on

We hope to implement this at some point since particularly when working
with Windows it can be useful to refer to $HOME dependent files. 

By the way, the mechanisms for this are all in Venus in the
venus/, so if anyone feels like fixing things up a bit
there, by all means do. 


On Tue, 14 Oct 1997, J.A. Harkes wrote:

> Brian Bartholomew wrote:
>   > > As long as Coda provides something like the "@sys" in AFS 
> symlinks,
>   > > that solves half the problem.
>   > 
>   > > it does transparently replicate volumes to multiple servers
>   > 
>   > Between those two features it solves the whole problem.  Although I
>   > would be happier to remove the symlinks and do the @sys 
> functionality
>   > at mount time.  Symlinks mean pwd still doesn't do what users 
> expect.
> If you mean something like having a coda-volume for each architecture,
> and mounting that into the coda-tree with a command such as:
>   # example, this is NOT currently implemented.
>   % cfs mkmount /coda/bin bin-_at_sys
> Where @sys is `filled in' by the client's architecture description. Then
> I completely agree, that would IMHO be the Coda-esque way.
> But, Coda would need reliable support for mounting the same volume at
> multiple locations. This is necessary for an administrator to reach the
> different architecture specific volumes through architecture independent
> mounts.
> e.g.
>   % cfs mkmount /coda/mach-i386/bin  bin-mach-i386
>   % cfs mkmount /coda/linux-i386/bin bin-linux-i386
> Sorry about the rambling, just wanted to say `me too' in a more verbose
> fashion :)
> l8r,
> 	Jan Harkes
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