Coda File System

`root cannot acquire Coda tokens'.

From: J.A. Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 10:25:38 +0200
Whenever as root, I try to do `clog <valid user-name> <password>' I get
the message `root cannot acquire Coda tokens'.

Under normal Unix semantics, the root account can always obtain access
to any uid. I know that being root on the client is not equal to being
root on the server, but when I provide a user-name/password combination
I expected to get a token for that user-name on the server.

This is especially strange because root can write to the coda file-
system, but his changes are never reintegrated because of `pending
tokens for uid 0'. Am I doing something terribly wrong??

And, although Coda-uid's are totally separated from their Unix
counterparts (own password file etc.), there are many grey areas where
it is assumed that coda-uid's match the client's Unix-uid's. Isn't it
possible to map coda-uid's to the client's Unix-uid's, or should I
always keep vice's password file synchronized with the system password

In the Venus source there is a V_UID (==root-id) and a routine
AuthorizedUser() which are used for authorization checks. It seems like
root does have some special permissions, but when are those applicable?

Is there any documentation available that could answer some of my

Jan Harkes <>
Received on 1997-09-23 04:33:02