Coda File System

further evidence that coda's ports are not reserved.

From: <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 13:58:29 -0400
  I was doing an lsof to figure out why I can't unmount /coda after sending
venus the -TERM signal...

X         17615    thoth   10u  inet 0x03979c00 0x4ac2e07e        TCP>

[root_at_frop linux-2.0.29]# ~thoth/src/lsof-4.09/lsof_4.09/lsof  2>&1 | grep coda
X         17615    thoth   10u  inet 0x03979c00 0x4ac2e0de        TCP>

  Seems one of my X clients was given the coda_backup port number by the kernel.

[root_at_frop linux-2.0.29]# umount /coda
umount: Coda: device is busy


  I'll try restarting venus and see what that detonates.  Hmm, that got ugly. 
Looks like a reboot is in order.

Bob Forsman                         
Received on 1997-07-14 14:30:00