Coda File System

Re: failure installing coda-client

From: <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 15:19:27 -0400
"Bradley C. Kuszmaul" <bradley_at_GRANITE.SYSTEMSX.CS.YALE.EDU> ,in message <19970
	7101754.NAA03266_at_granite.comp-sci-yale>, wrote: 

> Peter,
> I am making progress, but still having somet trouble.
>  I fixed up /etc/services
>  I made my cache be 10MB.
>  I did
>   /usr/sbin/venus -init
> and got a segmentation fault.   A bunch of files in
> /usr/coda/venus.cache/ were created (things like CacheInfo and V0, V1, etc.)
> "ls /coda" still says "NOT_REALLY_CODA"

  One thing I noticed is that if a previous venus does not succeed, later
ones can enter a "D" state that really hoses the machine ... to the point
where you can't cleanly reboot it.  Just unmount all the partitions you can
and hit the reset button.  Your root partition will require an fsck, but
that's pretty much unavoidable.

  I have never been able to connect to the testserver, but Peter pointed out
the /etc/services shortfall and at least now I'm generating UDP packets
(tcpdump was unable to detect any traffic for the testserver previously).

  I believe the testserver is currently down.  I can not ping it or telnet to
it.  The last responding hop on a traceroute is 

14  GW.CS.CMU.EDU (  131.624 ms  135.285 ms  144.421 ms

Bob Forsman                         
Received on 1997-07-10 15:50:59